No. Title Author Year
1 Box Covers and Domain Orderings for Beyond Worst-Case Join Processing Alway, Kaleb et al. 2021
2 On Testing and Robust Characterizations of Convexity Blais, Eric et al. 2020
3 Optimal Separation and Strong Direct Sum for Randomized Query Complexity Blais, Eric et al. 2019
4 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Blais, Eric et al. 2018
5 LIPIcs, Volume 116, APPROX/RANDOM'18, Complete Volume Blais, Eric et al. 2018
6 Distribution Testing Lower Bounds via Reductions from Communication Complexity Blais, Eric et al. 2017
7 Testing Submodularity and Other Properties of Valuation Functions Blais, Eric et al. 2017
8 Learning Circuits with few Negations Blais, Eric et al. 2015
9 The Information Complexity of Hamming Distance Blais, Eric et al. 2014
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