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1 A New Framework for Kernelization Lower Bounds: The Case of Maximum Minimal Vertex Cover Araújo, Júlio et al. 2021
2 Bridge-Depth Characterizes Which Structural Parameterizations of Vertex Cover Admit a Polynomial Kernel Bougeret, Marin et al. 2020
3 Packing Arc-Disjoint Cycles in Tournaments Bessy, Stéphane et al. 2019
4 Width Parameterizations for Knot-Free Vertex Deletion on Digraphs Bessy, Stéphane et al. 2019
5 How Much Does a Treedepth Modulator Help to Obtain Polynomial Kernels Beyond Sparse Graphs? Bougeret, Marin et al. 2018
6 Triangle Packing in (Sparse) Tournaments: Approximation and Kernelization Bessy, Stéphane et al. 2017
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