No. Title Author Year
1 Deterministic Regular Functions of Infinite Words Carton, Olivier et al. 2023
2 Ambiguity Through the Lens of Measure Theory Carton, Olivier 2022
3 Continuous Rational Functions Are Deterministic Regular Carton, Olivier et al. 2022
4 Continuity and Rational Functions Cadilhac, Michaël et al. 2017
5 Polishness of Some Topologies Related to Automata Carton, Olivier et al. 2017
6 Aperiodic Two-way Transducers and FO-Transductions Carton, Olivier et al. 2015
7 Algebraic Characterization of FO for Scattered Linear Orderings Bès, Alexis et al. 2011
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