No. Title Author Year
1 On Hardness of Testing Equivalence to Sparse Polynomials Under Shifts Chillara, Suryajith et al. 2023
2 Functional Lower Bounds for Restricted Arithmetic Circuits of Depth Four Chillara, Suryajith 2021
3 On Computing Multilinear Polynomials Using Multi-r-ic Depth Four Circuits Chillara, Suryajith 2020
4 A Quadratic Size-Hierarchy Theorem for Small-Depth Multilinear Formulas Chillara, Suryajith et al. 2018
5 Small-depth Multilinear Formula Lower Bounds for Iterated Matrix Multiplication, with Applications Chillara, Suryajith et al. 2018
6 Depth-4 Lower Bounds, Determinantal Complexity: A Unified Approach Chillara, Suryajith et al. 2014
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