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1 Space-Efficient Graph Coarsening with Applications to Succinct Planar Encodings Kammer, Frank et al. 2022
2 Two Moves per Time Step Make a Difference Erlebach, Thomas et al. 2019
3 Extra Space during Initialization of Succinct Data Structures and Dynamical Initializable Arrays Kammer, Frank et al. 2018
4 Simple 2^f-Color Choice Dictionaries Kammer, Frank et al. 2018
5 On-the-Fly Array Initialization in Less Space Hagerup, Torben et al. 2017
6 Space-Efficient Biconnected Components and Recognition of Outerplanar Graphs Kammer, Frank et al. 2016
7 Space-Efficient Plane-Sweep Algorithms Elmasry, Amr et al. 2016
8 Space-efficient Basic Graph Algorithms Elmasry, Amr et al. 2015
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