No. Title Author Year
1 Approximating Max-Cut on Bounded Degree Graphs: Tighter Analysis of the FKL Algorithm Hsieh, Jun-Ting et al. 2023
2 Ellipsoid Fitting up to a Constant Hsieh, Jun-Ting et al. 2023
3 Bypassing the XOR Trick: Stronger Certificates for Hypergraph Clique Number Guruswami, Venkatesan et al. 2022
4 A Stress-Free Sum-Of-Squares Lower Bound for Coloring Kothari, Pravesh K. et al. 2021
5 Memory-Sample Lower Bounds for Learning Parity with Noise Garg, Sumegha et al. 2021
6 Time-Space Tradeoffs for Distinguishing Distributions and Applications to Security of Goldreich’s PRG Garg, Sumegha et al. 2020
7 Improper Learning by Refuting Kothari, Pravesh K. et al. 2018
8 Small-Set Expansion in Shortcode Graph and the 2-to-2 Conjecture Barak, Boaz et al. 2018
9 SOS Lower Bounds with Hard Constraints: Think Global, Act Local Kothari, Pravesh K. et al. 2018
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