No. Title Author Year
1 Planar Maximum Matching: Towards a Parallel Algorithm Datta, Samir et al. 2018
2 Shortest k-Disjoint Paths via Determinants Datta, Samir et al. 2018
3 Graph Properties in Node-Query Setting: Effect of Breaking Symmetry Balaji, Nikhil et al. 2016
4 Quantum Query Complexity of Subgraph Isomorphism and Homomorphism Kulkarni, Raghav et al. 2016
5 Space-Efficient Approximation Scheme for Maximum Matching in Sparse Graphs Datta, Samir et al. 2016
6 Improved Bounds for Bipartite Matching on Surfaces Datta, Samir et al. 2012
7 Space Complexity of Perfect Matching in Bounded Genus Bipartite Graphs Datta, Samir et al. 2011
8 Evasiveness and the Distribution of Prime Numbers Babai, László et al. 2010
9 Deterministically Isolating a Perfect Matching in Bipartite Planar Graphs Datta, Samir et al. 2008
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