No. Title Author Year
1 Conditionally Optimal Parallel Coloring of Forests Grunau, Christoph et al. 2023
2 Drawings of Complete Multipartite Graphs up to Triangle Flips Aichholzer, Oswin et al. 2023
3 Distributed Vertex Cover Reconfiguration Censor-Hillel, Keren et al. 2022
4 Exponential Speedup over Locality in MPC with Optimal Memory Balliu, Alkida et al. 2022
5 Fast Distributed Vertex Splitting with Applications Halldórsson, Magnús M. et al. 2022
6 Efficient CONGEST Algorithms for the Lovász Local Lemma Maus, Yannic et al. 2021
7 Locally Checkable Labelings with Small Messages Balliu, Alkida et al. 2021
8 Classification of Distributed Binary Labeling Problems Balliu, Alkida et al. 2020
9 Coloring Fast Without Learning Your Neighbors' Colors Halldórsson, Magnús M. et al. 2020
10 Local Conflict Coloring Revisited: Linial for Lists Maus, Yannic et al. 2020
11 Noidy Conmunixatipn: On the Convergence of the Averaging Population Protocol Mallmann-Trenn, Frederik et al. 2019
12 Brief Announcement: Local Distributed Algorithms in Highly Dynamic Networks Bamberger, Philipp et al. 2018
13 Improved Distributed Degree Splitting and Edge Coloring Ghaffari, Mohsen et al. 2017
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