No. Title Author Year
1 ╬▒-Avoidance Frontull, Samuel et al. 2023
2 Uniform Resource Analysis by Rewriting: Strenghts and Weaknesses (Invited Talk) Moser, Georg 2017
3 Complexity of Acyclic Term Graph Rewriting Avanzini, Martin et al. 2016
4 Leftmost Outermost Revisited Hirokawa, Nao et al. 2015
5 Multivariate Amortised Resource Analysis for Term Rewrite Systems Hofmann, Martin et al. 2015
6 A Combination Framework for Complexity Avanzini, Martin et al. 2013
7 The Structure of Interaction Gimenez, St├ęphane et al. 2013
8 Tyrolean Complexity Tool: Features and Usage Avanzini, Martin et al. 2013
9 A Path Order for Rewrite Systems that Compute Exponential Time Functions Avanzini, Martin et al. 2011
10 Termination Proofs in the Dependency Pair Framework May Induce Multiple Recursive Derivational Complexity Moser, Georg et al. 2011
11 Closing the Gap Between Runtime Complexity and Polytime Computability Avanzini, Martin et al. 2010
12 Complexity Analysis of Term Rewriting Based on Matrix and Context Dependent Interpretations Moser, Georg et al. 2008
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