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1 The Expressive Power of One Variable Used Once: The Chomsky Hierarchy and First-Order Monadic Constructor Rewriting Simonsen, Jakob Grue 2021
2 Near Optimal Adjacency Labeling Schemes for Power-Law Graphs Petersen, Casper et al. 2016
3 Term Rewriting Systems as Topological Dynamical Systems Andersen, Soren Bjerg et al. 2012
4 Anagopos: A Reduction Graph Visualizer for Term Rewriting and Lambda Calculus Grathwohl, Niels Bjørn Bugge et al. 2011
5 The Exact Hardness of Deciding Derivational and Runtime Complexity Schnabl, Andreas et al. 2011
6 Higher-Order (Non-)Modularity Appel, Claus et al. 2010
7 Weak Convergence and Uniform Normalization in Infinitary Rewriting Simonsen, Jakob Grue 2010
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