No. Title Author Year
1 Unambiguity in Automata Theory (Dagstuhl Seminar 21452) Colcombet, Thomas et al. 2022
2 Deterministic and Game Separability for Regular Languages of Infinite Trees Clemente, Lorenzo et al. 2021
3 On Guidable Index of Tree Automata Niwiński, Damian et al. 2021
4 Computing Measures of Weak-MSO Definable Sets of Trees Niwiński, Damian et al. 2020
5 On the Succinctness of Alternating Parity Good-For-Games Automata Boker, Udi et al. 2020
6 Regular Choice Functions and Uniformisations For countable Domains Michielini, Vincent et al. 2020
7 Uniformisation Gives the Full Strength of Regular Languages Lhote, Nathan et al. 2019
8 How Deterministic are Good-For-Games Automata? Boker, Udi et al. 2018
9 Unambiguous Languages Exhaust the Index Hierarchy Skrzypczak, Michal 2018
10 A Characterisation of Pi^0_2 Regular Tree Languages Cavallari, Filippo et al. 2017
11 Deciding the Topological Complexity of Büchi Languages Skrzypczak, Michal et al. 2016
12 On the Complexity of Branching Games with Regular Conditions Przybylko, Marcin et al. 2016
13 The Logical Strength of Büchi's Decidability Theorem Kolodziejczyk, Leszek Aleksander et al. 2016
14 Regular languages of thin trees Bojanczyk, Mikolaj et al. 2013
15 Unambiguity and uniformization problems on infinite trees Bilkowski, Marcin et al. 2013
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