No. Title Author Year
1 Compressed Indexing for Consecutive Occurrences Gawrychowski, Paweł et al. 2023
2 Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization Gawrychowski, Paweł et al. 2021
3 LIPIcs, Volume 191, CPM 2021, Complete Volume Gawrychowski, Paweł et al. 2021
4 Property Testing of Regular Languages with Applications to Streaming Property Testing of Visibly Pushdown Languages Bathie, Gabriel et al. 2021
5 Streaming Pattern Matching (Invited Talk) Starikovskaya, Tatiana 2021
6 Approximating Longest Common Substring with k mismatches: Theory and Practice Gourdel, Garance et al. 2020
7 Compressed Orthogonal Search on Suffix Arrays with Applications to Range LCP Matsuda, Kotaro et al. 2020
8 Generalised Pattern Matching Revisited Dudek, Bartłomiej et al. 2020
9 L_p Pattern Matching in a Stream Starikovskaya, Tatiana et al. 2020
10 Quasi-Periodicity in Streams Gawrychowski, Pawel et al. 2019
11 Sliding Window Property Testing for Regular Languages Ganardi, Moses et al. 2019
12 Streaming Dictionary Matching with Mismatches Gawrychowski, Pawel et al. 2019
13 Fast Entropy-Bounded String Dictionary Look-Up with Mismatches Gawrychowski, Pawel et al. 2018
14 Upper and Lower Bounds for Dynamic Data Structures on Strings Clifford, Raphaël et al. 2018
15 Communication and Streaming Complexity of Approximate Pattern Matching Starikovskaya, Tatiana 2017
16 Approximate Hamming Distance in a Stream Clifford, Raphaël et al. 2016
17 Longest Common Substring with Approximately k Mismatches Starikovskaya, Tatiana 2016
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