No. Title Author Year
1 Low-Level Bi-Abduction Holík, Lukáš et al. 2022
2 Low-Level Bi-Abduction (Artifact) Holík, Lukáš et al. 2022
3 OASIcs, Volume 13, MEMICS'09, Complete Volume Hlineny, Petr et al. 2012
4 OASIcs, Volume 16, MEMICS'10, Complete Volume Matyska, Ludek et al. 2012
5 Frontmatter, Preface, Table of Contents, Workshop Organization Matyska, Ludek et al. 2011
6 Hijacking the Linux Kernel Prochazka, Boris et al. 2011
7 Mediating for Reduction (on Minimizing Alternating Büchi Automata) Abdulla, Parosh A. et al. 2009
8 Preface -- Annual Doctoral Workshop on Mathematical and Engineering Methods in Computer Science (MEMICS'09) Hlinený, Petr et al. 2009
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