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1 A Structural Approach to Tree Decompositions of Knots and Spatial Graphs Lunel, Corentin et al. 2023
2 Computation and Reconfiguration in Low-Dimensional Topological Spaces (Dagstuhl Seminar 22062) Buchin, Maike et al. 2022
3 Finding Weakly Simple Closed Quasigeodesics on Polyhedral Spheres Chartier, Jean et al. 2022
4 Short Topological Decompositions of Non-Orientable Surfaces Fuladi, Niloufar et al. 2022
5 Algorithms for Contractibility of Compressed Curves on 3-Manifold Boundaries Chambers, Erin Wolf et al. 2021
6 Almost Tight Lower Bounds for Hard Cutting Problems in Embedded Graphs Cohen-Addad, Vincent et al. 2019
7 The Unbearable Hardness of Unknotting de Mesmay, Arnaud et al. 2019
8 Finding Non-Orientable Surfaces in 3-Manifolds Burton, Benjamin A. et al. 2016
9 Shortest Path Embeddings of Graphs on Surfaces Hubard, Alfredo et al. 2016
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