No. Title Author Year
1 On the Satisfiability of Smooth Grid CSPs Alferov, Vasily et al. 2022
2 Co-Degeneracy and Co-Treewidth: Using the Complement to Solve Dense Instances Duarte, Gabriel L. et al. 2021
3 On the Complexity of Intersection Non-emptiness for Star-Free Language Classes Arrighi, Emmanuel et al. 2021
4 Order Reconfiguration Under Width Constraints Arrighi, Emmanuel et al. 2021
5 Three Is Enough for Steiner Trees Arrighi, Emmanuel et al. 2021
6 Compressing Permutation Groups into Grammars and Polytopes. A Graph Embedding Approach Jaffke, Lars et al. 2020
7 Width Notions for Ordering-Related Problems Arrighi, Emmanuel et al. 2020
8 A Strongly-Uniform Slicewise Polynomial-Time Algorithm for the Embedded Planar Diameter Improvement Problem Lokshtanov, Daniel et al. 2019
9 Ground Reachability and Joinability in Linear Term Rewriting Systems are Fixed Parameter Tractable with Respect to Depth de Oliveira Oliveira, Mateus 2017
10 On Supergraphs Satisfying CMSO Properties de Oliveira Oliveira, Mateus 2017
11 Representations of Monotone Boolean Functions by Linear Programs de Oliveira Oliveira, Mateus et al. 2017
12 Revisiting the Parameterized Complexity of Maximum-Duo Preservation String Mapping Komusiewicz, Christian et al. 2017
13 Size-Treewidth Tradeoffs for Circuits Computing the Element Distinctness Function de Oliveira Oliveira, Mateus 2016
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