No. Title Author Year
1 About Decisiveness of Dynamic Probabilistic Models Finkel, Alain et al. 2023
2 A Unifying Framework for Deciding Synchronizability Bollig, Benedikt et al. 2021
3 Bounded Reachability Problems Are Decidable in FIFO Machines Bollig, Benedikt et al. 2020
4 The Well Structured Problem for Presburger Counter Machines Finkel, Alain et al. 2019
5 Verification of Flat FIFO Systems Finkel, Alain et al. 2019
6 Forward Analysis for WSTS, Part III: Karp-Miller Trees Blondin, Michael et al. 2018
7 Reachability for Two-Counter Machines with One Test and One Reset Finkel, Alain et al. 2018
8 Synchronizability of Communicating Finite State Machines is not Decidable Finkel, Alain et al. 2017
9 Reachability Problems for Infinite-State Systems (Dagstuhl Seminar 14141) Esparza, Javier et al. 2014
10 Extending the Rackoff technique to Affine nets Bonnet, Rémi et al. 2012
11 Place-Boundedness for Vector Addition Systems with one zero-test Bonnet, Rémi et al. 2010
12 Forward Analysis for WSTS, Part I: Completions Finkel, Alain et al. 2009
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