No. Title Author Year
1 Towards Optimal Depth-Reductions for Algebraic Formulas Fournier, Hervé et al. 2023
2 On the Partial Derivative Method Applied to Lopsided Set-Multilinear Polynomials Limaye, Nutan et al. 2022
3 On the VNP-Hardness of Some Monomial Symmetric Polynomials Curticapean, Radu et al. 2022
4 Schur Polynomials Do Not Have Small Formulas If the Determinant Doesn't Chaugule, Prasad et al. 2020
5 More on AC^0[oplus] and Variants of the Majority Function Limaye, Nutan et al. 2019
6 A #SAT Algorithm for Small Constant-Depth Circuits with PTF Gates Bajpai, Swapnam et al. 2018
7 A Quadratic Size-Hierarchy Theorem for Small-Depth Multilinear Formulas Chillara, Suryajith et al. 2018
8 A Unified Method for Placing Problems in Polylogarithmic Depth Krebs, Andreas et al. 2018
9 Small-depth Multilinear Formula Lower Bounds for Iterated Matrix Multiplication, with Applications Chillara, Suryajith et al. 2018
10 Lower Bounds and PIT for Non-Commutative Arithmetic Circuits with Restricted Parse Trees Lagarde, Guillaume et al. 2017
11 DLOGTIME Proof Systems Krebs, Andreas et al. 2013
12 Planar Graph Isomorphism is in Log-Space Datta, Samir et al. 2010
13 3-connected Planar Graph Isomorphism is in Log-space Datta, Samir et al. 2008
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