No. Title Author Year
1 Categorical Coherence from Term Rewriting Systems Mimram, Samuel 2023
2 Division by Two, in Homotopy Type Theory Mimram, Samuel et al. 2022
3 A Sound Foundation for the Topological Approach to Task Solvability Ledent, Jérémy et al. 2019
4 Brief Announcement: On the Impossibility of Detecting Concurrency Goubault, Éric et al. 2018
5 Coherence of Gray Categories via Rewriting Forest, Simon et al. 2018
6 Concurrent Specifications Beyond Linearizability Goubault, Éric et al. 2018
7 Homological Computations for Term Rewriting Systems Malbos, Philippe et al. 2016
8 Presenting a Category Modulo a Rewriting System Clerc, Florence et al. 2015
9 A Homotopical Completion Procedure with Applications to Coherence of Monoids Guiraud, Yves et al. 2013
10 A Non-Standard Semantics for Kahn Networks in Continuous Time Beauxis, Romain et al. 2011
11 Computing Critical Pairs in 2-Dimensional Rewriting Systems Mimram, Samuel 2010
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