No. Title Author Year
1 Enumerating Subgraphs of Constant Sizes in External Memory Deng, Shiyuan et al. 2023
2 Space-Query Tradeoffs in Range Subgraph Counting and Listing Deng, Shiyuan et al. 2023
3 Parallel Acyclic Joins with Canonical Edge Covers Tao, Yufei 2022
4 Range Updates and Range Sum Queries on Multidimensional Points with Monoid Weights Lu, Shangqi et al. 2022
5 Towards Optimal Dynamic Indexes for Approximate (and Exact) Triangle Counting Lu, Shangqi et al. 2021
6 A Simple Parallel Algorithm for Natural Joins on Binary Relations Tao, Yufei 2020
7 Distribution-Sensitive Bounds on Relative Approximations of Geometric Ranges Tao, Yufei et al. 2019
8 Massively Parallel Entity Matching with Linear Classification in Low Dimensional Space Tao, Yufei 2018
9 Top-k Indexes Made Small and Sweet (Invited Talk) Tao, Yufei 2016
10 On The I/O Complexity of Dynamic Distinct Counting Hu, Xiaocheng et al. 2015
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