No. Title Author Year
1 Synergy Between Circuit Obfuscation and Circuit Minimization Impagliazzo, Russell et al. 2023
2 On Solving Sparse Polynomial Factorization Related Problems Bisht, Pranav et al. 2022
3 Approximating the Number of Prime Factors Given an Oracle to Euler’s Totient Function Du, Yang et al. 2021
4 One-Way Functions and a Conditional Variant of MKTP Allender, Eric et al. 2021
5 The Complexity of Finding S-Factors in Regular Graphs Kolisetty, Sanjana et al. 2019
6 The Power of Natural Properties as Oracles Impagliazzo, Russell et al. 2018
7 Complete Derandomization of Identity Testing and Reconstruction of Read-Once Formulas Minahan, Daniel et al. 2017
8 On Some Computations on Sparse Polynomials Volkovich, Ilya 2017
9 Deterministically Factoring Sparse Polynomials into Multilinear Factors and Sums of Univariate Polynomials Volkovich, Ilya 2015
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