No. Title Author Year
1 CONCUR Test-Of-Time Award 2023 (Invited Paper) Jonsson, Bengt et al. 2023
2 Model-Checking Parametric Lock-Sharing Systems Against Regular Constraints Mascle, Corto et al. 2023
3 Checking Timed Büchi Automata Emptiness Using the Local-Time Semantics Herbreteau, Frédéric et al. 2022
4 Distributed Controller Synthesis for Deadlock Avoidance Gimbert, Hugo et al. 2022
5 Characterizing Consensus in the Heard-Of Model Balasubramanian, A. R. et al. 2020
6 Revisiting Local Time Semantics for Networks of Timed Automata Govind, R. et al. 2019
7 Deciding the Topological Complexity of Büchi Languages Skrzypczak, Michal et al. 2016
8 Soundness in Negotiations Esparza, Javier et al. 2016
9 Why Liveness for Timed Automata Is Hard, and What We Can Do About It Herbreteau, Frédéric et al. 2016
10 A Model for Behavioural Properties of Higher-order Programs Salvati, Sylvain et al. 2015
11 Ordered Tree-Pushdown Systems Clemente, Lorenzo et al. 2015
12 Safety of Parametrized Asynchronous Shared-Memory Systems is Almost Always Decidable La Torre, Salvatore et al. 2015
13 Distributed Synthesis for Acyclic Architectures Muscholl, Anca et al. 2014
14 Evaluation is MSOL-compatible Salvati, Sylvain et al. 2013
15 Using non-convex approximations for efficient analysis of timed automata Herbreteau, Frédéric et al. 2011
16 10252 Abstracts Collection -- Game Semantics and Program Verification Mellies, Paul-Andre et al. 2010
17 10252 Executive Summary -- Game Semantics and Program Verification Mellies, Paul-Andre et al. 2010
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