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Dyllong, Eva

A Multifunctional Historical Document Research System

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In this talk, the key components of a multifunctional historical document research system are discussed. An ongoing project which aims at creating a representative corpus of documents that reflect the impact of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in the period 1865-1945 forms the case study for the system.

The realisation of the system includes several working fields: the collection of relevant historical documents, the digitization and choice of a suitable library-oriented data standards for archival storage, the design and implementation of a database, the development of fuzzy techniques for searching on documents with a non-standard orthography, the preparation of communication, annotation and visualisation tools, and the design of a user interface adapted for heterogeneous user group ranging from interested amateurs to experts.

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Keywords: Literature database, digitization and archival storage
Collection: 06491 - Digital Historical Corpora- Architecture, Annotation, and Retrieval
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 13.06.2007

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