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DOI: 10.4230/DARTS.5.2.12
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Roth, Ori ; Gil, Yossi

Fling - A Fluent API Generator (Artifact)

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The first general and practical solution of the fluent API problem is presented. We give an algorithm that given a deterministic context free language (equivalently, LR(k), k >= 0 language) encodes it in an unbounded parametric polymorphism type system employing only a polynomial number of types. The theoretical result is employed in an actual tool Fling - a fluent API compiler-compiler in the style of YACC, tailored for embedding DSLs in Java.

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Keywords: Fluent API, compilation, generics, code generation
Collection: Special Issue of the 33rd European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP 2019)
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Issue Date: 2019
Date of publication: 12.07.2019

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