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Ketsmur, Maksym ; Teixeira, António ; Almeida, Nuno ; Silva, Samuel

Towards European Portuguese Conversational Assistants for Smart Homes

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Nowadays, smart environments, such as Smart Homes, are becoming a reality, due to the access to a wide variety of smart devices at a low cost. These devices are connected to the home network and inhabitants can interact with them using smartphones, tablets and smart assistants, a feature with rising popularity. The diversity of devices, the user's expectations regarding Smart Homes, and assistants' requirements pose several challenges. In this context, a Smart Home Assistant capable of conversation and device integration can be a valuable help to the inhabitants, not only for smart device control, but also to obtain valuable information and have a broader picture of how the house and its devices behave. This paper presents the current stage of development of one such assistant, targeting European Portuguese, not only supporting the control of home devices, but also providing a potentially more natural way to access a variety of information regarding the home and its devices. The development has been made in the scope of Smart Green Homes (SGH) project.

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Keywords: Smart Homes, Conversational Assistants, Ontology
Collection: 8th Symposium on Languages, Applications and Technologies (SLATE 2019)
Issue Date: 2019
Date of publication: 24.07.2019

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