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Czerwinski, Wojciech ; Nadara, Wojciech ; Pilipczuk, Marcin

Improved Bounds for the Excluded-Minor Approximation of Treedepth

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Treedepth, a more restrictive graph width parameter than treewidth and pathwidth, plays a major role in the theory of sparse graph classes. We show that there exists a constant C such that for every integers a,b >= 2 and a graph G, if the treedepth of G is at least Cab log a, then the treewidth of G is at least a or G contains a subcubic (i.e., of maximum degree at most 3) tree of treedepth at least b as a subgraph.
As a direct corollary, we obtain that every graph of treedepth Omega(k^3 log k) is either of treewidth at least k, contains a subdivision of full binary tree of depth k, or contains a path of length 2^k. This improves the bound of Omega(k^5 log^2 k) of Kawarabayashi and Rossman [SODA 2018].
We also show an application for approximation algorithms of treedepth: given a graph G of treedepth k and treewidth t, one can in polynomial time compute a treedepth decomposition of G of width O(kt log^{3/2} t). This improves upon a bound of O(kt^2 log t) stemming from a tradeoff between known results.
The main technical ingredient in our result is a proof that every tree of treedepth d contains a subcubic subtree of treedepth at least d * log_3 ((1+sqrt{5})/2).

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Keywords: treedepth, excluded minor
Collection: 27th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA 2019)
Issue Date: 2019
Date of publication: 06.09.2019

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