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Ashvinkumar, Vikrant ; Gudmundsson, Joachim ; Levcopoulos, Christos ; Nilsson, Bengt J. ; van Renssen, André

Local Routing in Sparse and Lightweight Geometric Graphs

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Online routing in a planar embedded graph is central to a number of fields and has been studied extensively in the literature. For most planar graphs no O(1)-competitive online routing algorithm exists. A notable exception is the Delaunay triangulation for which Bose and Morin [Bose and Morin, 2004] showed that there exists an online routing algorithm that is O(1)-competitive. However, a Delaunay triangulation can have Omega(n) vertex degree and a total weight that is a linear factor greater than the weight of a minimum spanning tree.
We show a simple construction, given a set V of n points in the Euclidean plane, of a planar geometric graph on V that has small weight (within a constant factor of the weight of a minimum spanning tree on V), constant degree, and that admits a local routing strategy that is O(1)-competitive. Moreover, the technique used to bound the weight works generally for any planar geometric graph whilst preserving the admission of an O(1)-competitive routing strategy.

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Keywords: Computational geometry, Spanners, Routing
Collection: 30th International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC 2019)
Issue Date: 2019
Date of publication: 28.11.2019

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