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Grigorieva, Elena ; Herings, P. Jean-Jacques ; Müller, Rudolf ; Vermeulen, Dries

Inefficiency of equilibria in query auctions with continuous valuations

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We show that, when bidders have continuous valuations, any ex post
equilibrium in an ex post individually rational query auction can only be
ex post efficient when the running time of the auction is infinite for almost
all realizations of valuations of the bidders. In contrast we show that,
when we allow for inefficient allocations with arbitrarily small probability,
there is a query auction (to be more specific, a bisection auction) that attains this level of approximate efficiency in equilibrium, while additionally the
running time of the auction in equilibrium is finite for all realizations of

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Keywords: Query auctions, ex post equilibrium, efficiency
Collection: 07271 - Computational Social Systems and the Internet
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 02.10.2007

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