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Caprara, Alberto ; Galli, Laura ; Toth, Paolo

04. Solution of the Train Platforming Problem

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In this paper we study a general formulation of the train platforming problem, which contains as special cases all the versions previously considered in the literature as well as a case study from the Italian Infrastructure manager that we addressed. In particular, motivated by our case study, we consider a general quadratic objective function, and propose a new way to linearize it by using a small number of new variables along with a set of constraints that can be separated efficiently by solving an appropriate linear program. The resulting integer linear programming formulation has a continuous relaxation that leads to
strong bounds on the optimal value. For the instances in our case study, we show that a simple diving heuristic based on this relaxation produces solutions that are much better than those produced by a simple heuristic currently in use, and that often turn out to be (nearly-) optimal.

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Keywords: Train Platforming, Train Routing, Branch-and-Cut-and-Price, Quadratic Objective Function, Linearization
Collection: 7th Workshop on Algorithmic Methods and Models for Optimization of Railways (ATMOS'07)
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 06.11.2007

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