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Heckel, Reiko ; Cherchago, Alexey

Application of Graph Transformation for Automating Web Service Discovery

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The paper represents current achievements of an ongoing research that aims to develop a formal approach supporting an automatic selection of a Web service sought by a requestor. The approach is based on the matching the requestor’s requirements for a "useful" service against the service description offered by the provider. We focus on the checking behavioral compatibility between operation contracts specifying pre-conditions and effects of required and provided operations. Graph transformation rules with positive application conditions are proposed as a visual formal notation for contracts. The desired dependence between requestor and provider contracts is determined by the semantic compatibility relation and syntactic matching procedure that is sound
w.r.t. this relation.

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Keywords: SOA , graph transformation , contracts
Collection: 04101 - Language Engineering for Model-Driven Software Development
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 02.02.2005

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