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Chatterjee, Prerona ; Kumar, Mrinal ; She, Adrian ; Volk, Ben Lee

A Quadratic Lower Bound for Algebraic Branching Programs

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We show that any Algebraic Branching Program (ABP) computing the polynomial ∑_{i=1}^n xⁿ_i has at least Ω(n²) vertices. This improves upon the lower bound of Ω(nlog n), which follows from the classical result of Baur and Strassen [Volker Strassen, 1973; Walter Baur and Volker Strassen, 1983], and extends the results of Kumar [Mrinal Kumar, 2019], which showed a quadratic lower bound for homogeneous ABPs computing the same polynomial.
Our proof relies on a notion of depth reduction which is reminiscent of similar statements in the context of matrix rigidity, and shows that any small enough ABP computing the polynomial ∑_{i=1}^n xⁿ_i can be depth reduced to essentially a homogeneous ABP of the same size which computes the polynomial ∑_{i=1}^n xⁿ_i + ε(?), for a structured "error polynomial" ε(?). To complete the proof, we then observe that the lower bound in [Mrinal Kumar, 2019] is robust enough and continues to hold for all polynomials ∑_{i=1}^n xⁿ_i + ε(?), where ε(?) has the appropriate structure.

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Keywords: Algebraic Branching Programs, Lower Bound
Collection: 35th Computational Complexity Conference (CCC 2020)
Issue Date: 2020
Date of publication: 17.07.2020

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