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Favre, Jean-Marie

Foundations of Model (Driven) (Reverse) Engineering : Models -- Episode I: Stories of The Fidus Papyrus and of The Solarus

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Model Driven Engineering (MDE) received a lot of attention in the last years, both from academia and industry. However, there is still a debate on which basic concepts form the foundation of MDE. The Model Driven Architecture (MDA) from the OMG does not provided clear answers to this question. This standard instead provides a complex set of interdependent technologies. This paper is the first of a series aiming at defining the foundations of MDE independently from a particular technology. A megamodel is introduced in this paper and incrementally refined in further papers from the series. This paper is devoted to a single concept, the concept of model, and to a single relation, the RepresentationOf relation. The lack of strong foundations for the MDA 4-layers meta-pyramid leads to a common mockery: ``So, MDA is just about Egyptology?!''. This paper is the pilot of the series called ``From Ancient Egypt to Model Driven Engineering''. The various episodes of this series show that Egyptology is actually a good model to study MDE.

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Keywords: models, reverse engineering, transformations
Collection: 04101 - Language Engineering for Model-Driven Software Development
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 02.02.2005

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