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Wenk, Carola ; Cook, Atlas F.

Geodesic Fréchet Distance Inside a Simple Polygon

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We unveil an alluring alternative to parametric search that applies
to both the non-geodesic and geodesic Fr{'\e}chet optimization
problems. This randomized approach is based on a variant of
red-blue intersections and is appealing due to its elegance and
practical efficiency when compared to parametric search.

We present the first algorithm for the geodesic Fr{'\e}chet distance
between two polygonal curves $A$ and $B$ inside a simple bounding
polygon $P$. The geodesic Fr{'\e}chet decision problem is solved
almost as fast as its non-geodesic sibling and requires $O(N^{2log
k)$ time and $O(k+N)$ space after $O(k)$ preprocessing, where $N$
is the larger of the complexities of $A$ and $B$ and $k$ is the
complexity of $P$. The geodesic Fr{'\e}chet optimization problem is
solved by a randomized approach in $O(k+N^{2log kNlog N)$
expected time and $O(k+N^{2)$ space. This runtime is only a
logarithmic factor larger than the standard non-geodesic Fr{'\e}chet
algorithm (Alt and Godau 1995). Results are also presented for the
geodesic Fr{'\e}chet distance in a polygonal domain with obstacles and
the geodesic Hausdorff distance for sets of points or sets of line
segments inside a simple polygon $P$.

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Keywords: Fréchet Distance, Geodesic, Parametric Search, Simple Polygon
Collection: 25th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 06.02.2008

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