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Bienvenu, Laurent ; Muchnik, Andrej ; Shen, Alexander ; Veraschagin, Nikolay

Limit complexities revisited

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The main goal of this paper is to put some known results in a
common perspective and to simplify their proofs.

We start with a simple proof of a result from (Vereshchagin, 2002)
saying that $limsup_{nKS(x|n)$ (here $KS(x|n)$ is conditional
(plain) Kolmogorov complexity of $x$ when $n$ is known) equals
$KS^{mathbf{0'(x)$, the plain Kolmogorov complexity with

Then we use the same argument to prove similar results for prefix
complexity (and also improve results of (Muchnik, 1987) about limit
frequencies), a priori probability on binary tree and measure of
effectively open sets. As a by-product, we get a criterion of
$mathbf{0'$ Martin-L"of randomness (called also $2$-randomness)
proved in (Miller, 2004): a sequence $omega$ is $2$-random if and
only if there exists $c$ such that any prefix $x$ of $omega$ is a
prefix of some string $y$ such that $KS(y)ge |y|-c$. (In the
1960ies this property was suggested in (Kolmogorov, 1968) as one of
possible randomness definitions; its equivalence to $2$-randomness
was shown in (Miller, 2004) while proving another $2$-randomness
criterion (see also (Nies et al. 2005)): $omega$ is $2$-random if
and only if $KS(x)ge |x|-c$ for some $c$ and infinitely many
prefixes $x$ of $omega$.

Finally, we show that the low-basis theorem can be used to get
alternative proofs for these results and to improve the result
about effectively open sets; this stronger version implies the
$2$-randomness criterion mentioned in the previous sentence.

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Keywords: Kolmogorov complexity, limit complexities, limit frequencies, 2-randomness, low basis
Collection: 25th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 06.02.2008

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