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Boss, Ramon ; Br├╝nnler, Kai ; Doukmak, Anna

Towards Verifying the Bitcoin-S Library (Short Paper)

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We try to verify properties of the Bitcoin-S library, a Scala implementation of parts of the Bitcoin protocol. We use the Stainless verifier which supports programs in a fragment of Scala called Pure Scala. Since Bitcoin-S is not written in this fragment, we extract the relevant code from it and rewrite it until we arrive at code that we successfully verify. In that process we find and fix two bugs in Bitcoin-S.

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Keywords: Bitcoin, Scala, Bitcoin-S, Stainless
Collection: 2nd Workshop on Formal Methods for Blockchains (FMBC 2020)
Issue Date: 2020
Date of publication: 11.12.2020
Supplementary Material: The original Bitcoin-S code we started from, the extracted code, and the finally verified code are available in our GitHub repository:

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