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Drossopoulou, Sophia ; Francalanza, Adrian ; Müller, P. ; Summers, Alexander J.

A Unified Framework for Verification Techniques for Object Invariants

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Object invariants define the consistency of objects. They
have subtle semantics, mainly because of call-backs, multi-object invariants,
and subclassing.
Several verification techniques for object invariants have been proposed.
It is difficult to compare these techniques, and to ascertain their soundness,
because of their differences in restrictions on programs and invariants,
in the use of advanced type systems (e.g., ownership types), in the
meaning of invariants, and in proof obligations.
We develop a unified framework for such techniques. We distil seven parameters
that characterise a verification technique, and identify sufficient
conditions on these parameters which guarantee soundness. We instantiate
our framework with three verification techniques from the literature,
and use it to assess soundness and compare expressiveness.

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Keywords: Object invariants, visible states semantics, verification, sound
Collection: 08061 - Types, Logics and Semantics for State
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 15.04.2008

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