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D'Costa, Julian ; Karimov, Toghrul ; Majumdar, Rupak ; Ouaknine, Joël ; Salamati, Mahmoud ; Soudjani, Sadegh ; Worrell, James

The Pseudo-Skolem Problem is Decidable

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We study fundamental decision problems on linear dynamical systems in discrete time. We focus on pseudo-orbits, the collection of trajectories of the dynamical system for which there is an arbitrarily small perturbation at each step. Pseudo-orbits are generalizations of orbits in the topological theory of dynamical systems. We study the pseudo-orbit problem, whether a state belongs to the pseudo-orbit of another state, and the pseudo-Skolem problem, whether a hyperplane is reachable by an ε-pseudo-orbit for every ε. These problems are analogous to the well-studied orbit problem and Skolem problem on unperturbed dynamical systems. Our main results show that the pseudo-orbit problem is decidable in polynomial time and the Skolem problem on pseudo-orbits is decidable. The former extends the seminal result of Kannan and Lipton from orbits to pseudo-orbits. The latter is in contrast to the Skolem problem for linear dynamical systems, which remains open for proper orbits.

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Keywords: Pseudo-orbits, Orbit problem, Skolem problem, linear dynamical systems
Collection: 46th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS 2021)
Issue Date: 2021
Date of publication: 18.08.2021

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