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Bini, Enrico

Uniprocessor EDF Feasibility is an Integer Problem

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The research on real-time scheduling has mostly focused on the
development of algorithms that allows to test whether the
constraints imposed on the task execution (often expressed by
deadlines) are verified or not. However, in many design scenarios
the task set is only partially known and these algorithms cannot be
applied because they require the complete knowledge of all the
parameters of the task set. Moreover, very often the designer has
the freedom to select some of the task set parameters in order to
maximize the system performance, and an arbitrary selection of the
free parameters can lead either to poor performance or to a
constraint violation. It is then useful to describe the
feasibility region of the task set parameters by equations
instead of by algorithms, so that optimization algorithms can be
applied to find the best assignment to the free variables.

In this paper we formulate the EDF schedulability on a single
processor through a combination of linear constraints. We study the
geometry of the feasibility region of task deadlines when
computation times and periods are known.

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Keywords: EDF schedulability condition, optimal deadline assignment
Collection: 08071 - Scheduling
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 07.05.2008

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