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Bshouty, Nader H. ; Haddad-Zaknoon, Catherine A.

On Testing Decision Tree

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In this paper, we study testing decision tree of size and depth that are significantly smaller than the number of attributes n.
Our main result addresses the problem of poly(n,1/ε) time algorithms with poly(s,1/ε) query complexity (independent of n) that distinguish between functions that are decision trees of size s from functions that are ε-far from any decision tree of size ϕ(s,1/ε), for some function ϕ > s. The best known result is the recent one that follows from Blanc, Lange and Tan, [Guy Blanc et al., 2020], that gives ϕ(s,1/ε) = 2^{O((log³s)/ε³)}. In this paper, we give a new algorithm that achieves ϕ(s,1/ε) = 2^{O(log² (s/ε))}.
Moreover, we study the testability of depth-d decision tree and give a distribution free tester that distinguishes between depth-d decision tree and functions that are ε-far from depth-d² decision tree.

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Keywords: Testing decision trees
Collection: 39th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS 2022)
Issue Date: 2022
Date of publication: 09.03.2022

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