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Hogan, Aidan

Knowledge Graphs: A Guided Tour (Invited Paper)

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Much has been written about knowledge graphs in the past years by authors coming from diverse communities. The goal of these lecture notes is to provide a guided tour to the secondary and tertiary literature concerning knowledge graphs where the reader can learn more about particular topics. In particular, we collate together brief summaries of relevant books, book collections, book chapters, journal articles and other publications that provide introductions, primers, surveys and perspectives regarding: knowledge graphs in general; graph data models and query languages; semantics in the form of graph schemata, ontologies and rules; graph theory, algorithms and analytics; graph learning, in the form of knowledge graph embeddings and graph neural networks; and the knowledge graph life-cycle, which incorporates works on constructing, refining and publishing knowledge graphs. Where available, we highlight and provide direct links to open access literature.

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Keywords: knowledge graphs
Collection: International Research School in Artificial Intelligence in Bergen (AIB 2022)
Issue Date: 2022
Date of publication: 25.05.2022

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