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Kellogg, Martin ; Shadab, Narges ; Sridharan, Manu ; Ernst, Michael D.

Accumulation Analysis

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A typestate specification indicates which behaviors of an object are permitted in each of the object’s states. In the general case, soundly checking a typestate specification requires precise information about aliasing (i.e., an alias or pointer analysis), which is computationally expensive. This requirement has hindered the adoption of sound typestate analyses in practice.
This paper identifies accumulation typestate specifications, which are the subset of typestate specifications that can be soundly checked without any information about aliasing. An accumulation typestate specification can be checked instead by an accumulation analysis: a simple, fast dataflow analysis that conservatively approximates the operations that have been performed on an object.
This paper formalizes the notions of accumulation analysis and accumulation typestate specification. It proves that accumulation typestate specifications are exactly those typestate specifications that can be checked soundly without aliasing information. Further, 41% of the typestate specifications that appear in the research literature are accumulation typestate specifications.

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Keywords: Typestate, finite-state property
Collection: 36th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP 2022)
Issue Date: 2022
Date of publication: 23.06.2022
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