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Matsubara, Wataru ; Inenaga, Shunsuke ; Shinohara, Ayumi

An Efficient Algorithm to Test Square-Freeness of Strings Compressed by Balanced Straight Line Program

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In this paper we study the problem of deciding whether a
given compressed string contains a square. A string x is called a square
if x = zz and z = u^k implies k = 1 and u = z. A string w is said to be
square-free if no substrings of w are squares. Many efficient algorithms
to test if a given string is square-free, have been developed so far. However,
very little is known for testing square-freeness of a given compressed
string. In this paper, we give an O(max(n^2; n log^2 N))-time O(n^2)-space
solution to test square-freeness of a given compressed string, where n
and N are the size of a given compressed string and the corresponding
decompressed string, respectively. Our input strings are compressed by
balanced straight line program (BSLP). We remark that BSLP has exponential
compression, that is, N = O(2^n). Hence no decompress-then-test
approaches can be better than our method in the worst case.

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Keywords: Square Freeness, Straight Line Program
Collection: 08261 - Structure-Based Compression of Complex Massive Data
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 20.11.2008

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