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Sakamoto, Hiroshi

A Space-Saving Approximation Algorithm for Grammar-Based Compression

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A space-efficient approximation algorithm for the grammar-based compression
problem, which requests for a given string to find a smallest
context-free grammar deriving the string, is presented. For the input
length n and an optimum CFG size g, the algorithm consumes only
O(g log g) space and O(n log^n) time to achieve O((log^n) log n) approximation
ratio to the optimum compression, where log^n is the maximum
number of logarithms satisfying log log · · · logn > 1. This ratio is thus
regarded to almost O(log n), which is the currently best approximation
ratio. While g depends on the string, it is known that g =(log n) and
g=O(n/log_k n) for strings from a k-letter alphabet [12].

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Keywords: Grammar based compression, space efficient approximation
Collection: 08261 - Structure-Based Compression of Complex Massive Data
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 20.11.2008

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