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Jiang, Han ; Huang, Shang-En ; Saranurak, Thatchaphol ; Zhang, Tian

Vertex Sparsifiers for Hyperedge Connectivity

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Recently, Chalermsook et al. {[}SODA'21{]} introduces a notion of vertex sparsifiers for c-edge connectivity, which has found applications in parameterized algorithms for network design and also led to exciting dynamic algorithms for c-edge st-connectivity {[}Jin and Sun FOCS'22{]}.
We study a natural extension called vertex sparsifiers for c-hyperedge connectivity and construct a sparsifier whose size matches the state-of-the-art for normal graphs. More specifically, we show that, given a hypergraph G = (V,E) with n vertices and m hyperedges with k terminal vertices and a parameter c, there exists a hypergraph H containing only O(kc³) hyperedges that preserves all minimum cuts (up to value c) between all subset of terminals. This matches the best bound of O(kc³) edges for normal graphs by [Liu'20]. Moreover, H can be constructed in almost-linear O(p^{1+o(1)} + n(rclog n)^{O(rc)}log m) time where r = max_{e ∈ E}|e| is the rank of G and p = ∑_{e ∈ E}|e| is the total size of G, or in poly(m, n) time if we slightly relax the size to O(kc³log^{1.5}(kc)) hyperedges.

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Keywords: Vertex sparsifier, hypergraph, connectivity
Collection: 30th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA 2022)
Issue Date: 2022
Date of publication: 01.09.2022

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