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Kar, Debajyoti ; Khan, Arindam ; Wiese, Andreas

Approximation Algorithms for Round-UFP and Round-SAP

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We study Round-UFP and Round-SAP, two generalizations of the classical Bin Packing problem that correspond to the unsplittable flow problem on a path (UFP) and the storage allocation problem (SAP), respectively. We are given a path with capacities on its edges and a set of jobs where for each job we are given a demand and a subpath. In Round-UFP, the goal is to find a packing of all jobs into a minimum number of copies (rounds) of the given path such that for each copy, the total demand of jobs on any edge does not exceed the capacity of the respective edge. In Round-SAP, the jobs are considered to be rectangles and the goal is to find a non-overlapping packing of these rectangles into a minimum number of rounds such that all rectangles lie completely below the capacity profile of the edges.
We show that in contrast to Bin Packing, both problems do not admit an asymptotic polynomial-time approximation scheme (APTAS), even when all edge capacities are equal. However, for this setting, we obtain asymptotic (2+ε)-approximations for both problems. For the general case, we obtain an O(log log n)-approximation algorithm and an O(log log 1/δ)-approximation under (1+δ)-resource augmentation for both problems. For the intermediate setting of the no bottleneck assumption (i.e., the maximum job demand is at most the minimum edge capacity), we obtain an absolute 12- and an asymptotic (16+ε)-approximation algorithm for Round-UFP and Round-SAP, respectively.

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Keywords: Approximation Algorithms, Scheduling, Rectangle Packing
Collection: 30th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA 2022)
Issue Date: 2022
Date of publication: 01.09.2022

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