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Parter, Merav ; Petruschka, Asaf

Õptimal Dual Vertex Failure Connectivity Labels

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In this paper we present succinct labeling schemes for supporting connectivity queries under vertex faults. For a given n-vertex graph G, an f-VFT (resp., EFT) connectivity labeling scheme is a distributed data structure that assigns each of the graph edges and vertices a short label, such that given the labels of a vertex pair u and v, and the labels of at most f failing vertices (resp., edges) F, one can determine if u and v are connected in G ⧵ F. The primary complexity measure is the length of the individual labels. Since their introduction by [Courcelle, Twigg, STACS '07], FT labeling schemes have been devised only for a limited collection of graph families. A recent work [Dory and Parter, PODC 2021] provided EFT labeling schemes for general graphs under edge failures, leaving the vertex failure case fairly open.
We provide the first sublinear f-VFT labeling schemes for f ≥ 2 for any n-vertex graph. Our key result is 2-VFT connectivity labels with O(log³ n) bits. Our constructions are based on analyzing the structure of dual failure replacement paths on top of the well-known heavy-light tree decomposition technique of [Sleator and Tarjan, STOC 1981]. We also provide f-VFT labels with sub-linear length (in |V|) for any f = o(log log n), that are based on a reduction to the existing EFT labels.

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Keywords: Fault-Tolerance, Heavy-Light Decomposition, Labeling Schemes
Collection: 36th International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC 2022)
Issue Date: 2022
Date of publication: 17.10.2022

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