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Banerjee, Anindya ; Mantel, Heiko ; Naumann, David ; Sabelfeld, Andrei

03411 Abstracts Collection -- Language Based Security

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From October 5th to 10th 2003,the Dagstuhl Seminar 03411
``Language Based security'' was held
in the International Conference and Research Center (IBFI), Schloss Dagstuhl.

During the seminar, several participants presented their current
research, and ongoing work and open problems were discussed. Abstracts of
the presentations given during the seminar are put together in this paper.

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Keywords: Access control , information flow , noninterference , downgrading
Freie Schlagwörter (englisch): protocol analysis
Collection: 03411 - Language-Based Security
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 19.04.2005

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