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Bannai, Hideo ; Funakoshi, Mitsuru ; Kurita, Kazuhiro ; Nakashima, Yuto ; Seto, Kazuhisa ; Uno, Takeaki

Optimal LZ-End Parsing Is Hard

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LZ-End is a variant of the well-known Lempel-Ziv parsing family such that each phrase of the parsing has a previous occurrence, with the additional constraint that the previous occurrence must end at the end of a previous phrase. LZ-End was initially proposed as a greedy parsing, where each phrase is determined greedily from left to right, as the longest factor that satisfies the above constraint [Kreft & Navarro, 2010]. In this work, we consider an optimal LZ-End parsing that has the minimum number of phrases in such parsings. We show that a decision version of computing the optimal LZ-End parsing is NP-complete by showing a reduction from the vertex cover problem. Moreover, we give a MAX-SAT formulation for the optimal LZ-End parsing adapting an approach for computing various NP-hard repetitiveness measures recently presented by [Bannai et al., 2022]. We also consider the approximation ratio of the size of greedy LZ-End parsing to the size of the optimal LZ-End parsing, and give a lower bound of the ratio which asymptotically approaches 2.

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Keywords: Data Compression, LZ-End, Repetitiveness measures
Collection: 34th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (CPM 2023)
Issue Date: 2023
Date of publication: 21.06.2023

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