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Chekan, Vera ; Kratsch, Stefan

Tight Algorithmic Applications of Clique-Width Generalizations

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In this work, we study two natural generalizations of clique-width introduced by Martin Fürer. Multi-clique-width (mcw) allows every vertex to hold multiple labels [ITCS 2017], while for fusion-width (fw) we have a possibility to merge all vertices of a certain label [LATIN 2014]. Fürer has shown that both parameters are upper-bounded by treewidth thus making them more appealing from an algorithmic perspective than clique-width and asked for applications of these parameters for problem solving. First, we determine the relation between these two parameters by showing that mcw ≤ fw + 1. Then we show that when parameterized by multi-clique-width, many problems (e.g., Connected Dominating Set) admit algorithms with the same running time as for clique-width despite the exponential gap between these two parameters. For some problems (e.g., Hamiltonian Cycle) we show an analogous result for fusion-width: For this we present an alternative view on fusion-width by introducing so-called glue-expressions which might be interesting on their own. All algorithms obtained in this work are tight up to (Strong) Exponential Time Hypothesis.

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Keywords: Parameterized complexity, connectivity problems, clique-width
Collection: 48th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS 2023)
Issue Date: 2023
Date of publication: 21.08.2023

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