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Bajpai, Tanvi ; Chekuri, Chandra

Bicriteria Approximation Algorithms for Priority Matroid Median

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Fairness considerations have motivated new clustering problems and algorithms in recent years. In this paper we consider the Priority Matroid Median problem which generalizes the Priority k-Median problem that has recently been studied. The input consists of a set of facilities ℱ and a set of clients ? that lie in a metric space (ℱ ∪ ?,d), and a matroid ℳ = (ℱ,ℐ) over the facilities. In addition, each client j has a specified radius r_j ≥ 0 and each facility i ∈ ℱ has an opening cost f_i > 0. The goal is to choose a subset S ⊆ ℱ of facilities to minimize ∑_{i ∈ ℱ} f_i + ∑_{j ∈ ?} d(j,S) subject to two constraints: (i) S is an independent set in ℳ (that is S ∈ ℐ) and (ii) for each client j, its distance to an open facility is at most r_j (that is, d(j,S) ≤ r_j). For this problem we describe the first bicriteria (c₁,c₂) approximations for fixed constants c₁,c₂: the radius constraints of the clients are violated by at most a factor of c₁ and the objective cost is at most c₂ times the optimum cost. We also improve the previously known bicriteria approximation for the uniform radius setting (r_j : = L ∀ j ∈ ?).

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Keywords: k-median, fair clustering, matroid
Collection: Approximation, Randomization, and Combinatorial Optimization. Algorithms and Techniques (APPROX/RANDOM 2023)
Issue Date: 2023
Date of publication: 04.09.2023

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