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Altman, Erik ; Childers, Bruce R. ; Cohn, Robert ; Davidson, Jack ; De Brosschere, Koen ; De Sutter, Bjorn ; Ertl, Anton M. ; Franz, Michael ; Gu, Yuan ; Hauswirth, Matthias ; Heinz, Thomas ; Hsu, Wei-Chung ; Knoop, Jens ; Krall, Andreas ; Kumar, Naveen ; Maebe, Jonas ; Muth, Robert ; Rival, Xavier ; Rohou, Erven ; Rosner, Roni ; Soffa, Mary Lou ; Troeger, Jens ; Vick, Christopher

08441 Final Report -- Emerging Uses and Paradigms for Dynamic Binary Translation

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Software designers and developers face many problems in designing, building, deploying, and maintaining cutting-edge software applications–reliability,security,performance,power,legacy code,use of multi-core platforms,and maintenance are just a few of the issues that must be considered. Many of these issues are fundamental parts of the grand challenges in computer science such as reliability and security.

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Keywords: Dynamic binary translation, Virtual machines
Collection: 08441 - Emerging Uses and Paradigms for Dynamic Binary Translation
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 26.02.2009

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